Residence in Turkey, 4 easy ways to act out

Turkey is one of the easiest countries to get residency. Nowadays according to vibratility of currency, Iranians migrations to turkey have increased. So we decided to write an article to express the ways to residence. So if you want to get the residency you can trust on this article. And above all you can choose the sort of residency that is suitable for your aim.

Ways to get the residence in Turkey :

The first way: tourist residence

If you want to travel to Turkey for the purpose of pleasure and tourism and you’re Iranian, you don’t need to get visa. But consider if you travel without visa, you can stay there for only 90 days while there are some limitations for you.

For instance you’re not allowed to educate or do business there but staying for pleasure. plus if you need to stay more you can increase your residency days from 90 to 180 days by spending 15 days more.
You can increase your residency by renting a house and then act to extend your residency every year and if you stay in Turkey for 5 years continuously and go abroad less than a month per year, you can get the permanent residency. Also you can use the points of having a bank account or unlimited traveling abroad.
And this is the easiest way of residency.

The second way: residency by marriage

When you marry to a Turkish person you can get the residency after 3 years and you’re 2 years beforehand of other ways.

There is a list of conditions for residency by marriage:

  • The government will search about the truth of your marriage.

  • The person you marry to must be a Turkish.

  • While your marriage you can only travel to turkey as a tourist for a short time.

  • The marriage must be illegal and it should happen 300 days after the divorce of women.

Points you have to consider about marriage in turkey:

  • – Most of the Turkish people believe that there must be a religious marriage after the illegal one. And also there must be a marriage-portion but it’s less than Iranian one.
  • The suit is like the Iranian one.
  • Most of the dowry is provided by the man in Turkey unlike Iran.
  • You need to get a permission for marriage registration and marriage agents carry this out for you.
  • Like Iran marriage age in turkey is decreasing.

For your marriage registration, you can call Trust Global institution.

The third way: Academic residency in Turkey

You need a permission from ministry of education or referral centers for educational residency.
Obviously, after getting admission from one of the universities or educational centers you can proceed to get the visa and after entering start the stages of getting a residence permit. It’s important that your visa must be educational visa that means if you enter by tourist visa, you can’t get academic residency.
Considering that half of your educational time in those five years will count for getting citizenship for example if your time of education last for four years you need three more years for getting citizenship.

The fourth way: business residency

You can get the business residency by getting hired in one of Turkish companies that has insurance.
This kind of residency is done by two ways:

1. Acting out for residency inside Turkey

You can get hired after getting tourist residency and renting a house and after getting hired change your residency to business residency.

2. Acting out for residency outside Turkey

On this way we can send the intended company documents. Then you should attend Turkish embassy in Iran and ask them for tracking code. After getting the tracking code send it to us and we follow up by ministry of labour and cooperatives.
Note that foreign person rights in Turkey is one and a half times of the least salary in Turkey.
Note that the companies for each foreigner they hire they must hire five Turkish people and at least you need 100000 Lire money.

If you intend to get the residency but you still doubt in which way to choose or questions about each ways of getting residency, you can get in touch with our legal consultants and we guide you for the best way that is suitable and you achieve your aim at least time and the least cost.
You can use contact us in this site for guiding and consulting.