Opening an account in Turkey

Opening an account in turkey or foreign countries is a problem that maybe because of sanctions for Iranians will be hard or for some necessary. You may want to invest in a foreign country or you want to shop online. You get the benefits of master card and also communicate with other banks in all around the world.

Can we open an account in all of Turkish banks?

Some Turkish banks open an account for Iranians with their Iranian passport and they don’t have any problems to have a connection with Iranians but you need a tax code for opening an account. Opening an account in Turkey is free.

Does the account have to be opened with Lire? Can we open a currency account in Turkey?

You can open it with Lire, Euro or Dollar but because of some sensitivities on Iranians due to sanctions, some banks may not cooperate with you. Because of this reason you should find a suitable bank for yourself and notice that there are different Turkish banks which give different profits. It depends on the time you offer your money to the bank.

We can open an account for you and also follow up tax and administrative issues and with the least cost you will be the owner of an international account that can shop online with it. We can also set up the internet banking system that you can manage your account.

If you invest a lot of money in your account even you can get the citizenship in Turkey.

Plus you’re thinking about renting a house in Turkey, opening an account and also your turnover can cause you show financial ability for renting a house.

Benefits of opening a bank account in Turkey are communication without intermediary with a foreigner bank, high safety and also currency investment in a safe place. You can also trade with international banks unlimitedly.

حساب بانکی ترکیه در ایران

What services can we give in the field of opening an account?

You can entrust opening a bank account in Turkey and without worrying about rules in Turkey that are needed for opening an account in Turkey you own a bank account in Turkey.

We do all office works and get your tax code then open an account and give you.

Our consultants won’t leave you alone during opening an account and in addition to cooperation and intellectual help, they’ll help you for everything


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