Living conditions in Turkey and obtaining Turkish citizenship have become easier

These days on many news and immigration sites, it is said that living in Turkey has become easier and you can obtain Turkish citizenship easier than before. In this article we look at what areas of residence in Turkey have become easier and essentially what the conditions are, the changes we will mention in this article are based on what happened on September 19 this year was published in the official Turkish newspaper.

Immigrants and Residence in Turkey

According to Turkey’s favorable situation in recent years, one of the targets of immigrants around the world has been Turkey that based on statistics published by Turkey’s official sources annually, this is also an upward trend. This situation is due to the favorable conditions of residence in Turkey, as the Turkish government has achieved remarkable success in terms of many concessions to natural or legal persons who invest in Turkey or purchase property in Turkey.

What is the reason for easing the living conditions in Turkey?

There are many things to note, but modern Turkey has been on the same path since its inception till now, and with the political changes we have witnessed in Turkey for the last three years, the Turkish government is making the residency conditions easier in Turkey every year to achieve an outcome by building mutual trust with foreign investors.

Residence conditions in Turkey

If a person has all of the following, he or she can easily apply for a residence in Turkey or obtain a citizenship in Turkey:

  1. The person must be of legal age or act through his legal guardian.
  2. The person has been living in Turkey for 5 years without interruption (for example, 5 years of tourist residence that he has extended each year) and finally, in those 5 years, he has been out of Turkey for six months.
  3. Buying Property in Turkey – Investing in Turkey by Establishing a Company or Participating in Others’ Projects – Hiring at a Turkish Registered Company – Marrying a Turkish Citizen – Having a mother, father or child who has already obtained citizenship – studying in Turkey.
  4. Having a responsible attitude for social life, lack of abnormal behavior (towards the values ​​of Turkish society) and lack of bad background in Turkey
  5. Having the ability to speak common Turkish in Turkey so that he or she can live a social life.
  6. Proof of having sufficient funds to support themselves and the dependants in Turkey.
  7. Lack of a case against national security and public order.
  8. Not catching contagious and incurable disease.

Which conditions of residence in Turkey or citizenship in Turkey have facilitated? ؟

  1. Investing in Turkey: : Until the changes announced this year, you would have to invest $ 2 million if you intend to acquire Turkish residency or Turkish citizenship but That number has dropped to $ 500,000.
  2. Opening a bank account in Turkey : Also, if you wanted to stay in Turkey by opening a deposit in the past, you would have to put $ 3 million in one of the state-owned banks in Turkey, but that number would have been decreased to $ 500,000.
  3. Buying Property in Turkey : Now you can acquire Turkish citizenship for a total of $ 250,000 by buying a property or properties. That amount was $ 1 million before the laws were changed, you should also consider that in this way you can obtain the residency for the other two people.
  4. Business in Turkey : You can easily obtain Turkish citizenship by having Turkish employees who have insured them, and the number of employees should be 50, which is much more desirable than 100 employees in the past.

Required documents for residence in Turkey or obtaining citizenship in Turkey

One of the conditions of residence in Turkey is having the following documents:

  1. Registration Form (VAT-3)
  2. Two 60×50 mm photos white backgrounds, ICAO certified and legible for the device.
  3. A passport or similar document to show person’s nationality and, if the person doesn’t have nationality, he or she must provide relevant document.
  4. Documents such as birth certificates showing where and when the person was born, if the person is married, showing evidence of being married (or being a parent).
  5. Marital status and if married, proof of marriage; if divorced, divorced and widowed, proof of wife’s or husband’s death.
  6. Certified by the Turkish Ministry of Health that the person has no dangerous disease (for the community).
  7. Documents such as a work permit or tax form showing that the individual is able to afford to pay for himself and his dependents.
  8. If he / she has applied for citizenship through a continuous 5-year temporary residence. Document indicating the dates of entry and exit from the country, obtained by the Provincial Security Administration, for proofing of uninterrupted residence for a period of 5 years prior to the date of referral.
  9. Residence permit (long enough) to complete the citizenship process after the referral date.
  10. Confirmation is required if he is sentenced in one of the Turkish courts at one time.
  11. Receipt of service fee to the fund.

What are some tips to know about the Turkish citizenship process?

  • The length of time it may take may vary depending on the type of application you request, but if none of your documents is incomplete or invalid, it can take about two to three months.
  • During this period, you and your family will be granted residence permits (No. 6458/31-J).
  • If your application for a stay in Turkey is rejected, you can re-submit your application to the Turkish law office at your place of residence in accordance with the requirements of Turkish citizenship law no 5901.
  • If you become a Turkish citizen you do not have to revoke your previous citizenship because Turkey has dual citizenship laws.
  • As for residence in Turkey by buying property, you should keep in mind that the value of this property (or real estate) is estimated by the Turkish government, so consider buying property (or real estate) worth 250,000 Dollars.

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