Lawyer in turkey; How to choose a lawyer

How can we call a person a lawyer? Is there any Iranian lawyer in turkey? Why should we reference to a lawyer? What are proxy rules in turkey? Do we need a lawyer to register a company? What should we notice about choosing a lawyer?

These questions are a part of our article we want to explain how important to choose a lawyer is in it. It gets more important if you want to do it in an other country such as turkey. So you can get the needed information by reading this article.

Who is called a lawyer?

Lawyer is a person who conduct lawsuits for clients or advise as to legal rights and obligations in other matters. In Iranian laws, ministry of justice lawyers can get the lawyer’s license by spending 18 months successful training after graduating.

Why do we need a lawyer?

Nowadays each family has a lawyer to help them in different matters. But unfortunately reference to a lawyer in Iran is much less than other countries because of wrong and fallacious deliberation.
Now when you are in turkey or you want to migrate there you should know you will suffer from irreparable loss if you’re not aware of turkey’s laws. According to new changes about migrations laws you obviously need a lawyer in turkey.

Cases you need a lawyer in them:

  • Migration to turkey
  • Citizenship in turkey
  • Register a company in turkey
  • Marriage in turkey
  • Plan and pursue all types of legal and criminal cases

Turkey rules about proxy:

You should know conditions of taking a lawyer in turkey are same as Iran’s. but there are some differences that we express to you.

Getting lawyer’s license condition in Turkey is same as Iran’s except there are two more years of training in Turkey. There isn’t any limitation in numbers of lawyers in Turkey and they ask for their lawyer’s license from the counsel and after case completion, if the request would be accepted, the training starts.

Constable proxy in Turkey

Constable proxy in Turkey is free and without any condition but because the number of claims aren’t many and the number of lawyers in Istanbul and Ankara are equal with the number of stock cases and courts so each lawyer gets one or two concessions per year.

Lawyer payment in Turkey

According to number 168 of article of law, lawyers can make a contract about their payment with their clients but the clients must agree with it otherwise they have to use approved tariff by bar association of Turkey. Also it noticed in number 171 of article of law if client doesn’t pay the lawyer, lawyer can give up the case and the client can’t get back the money he used to pay. So if you want to get a lawyer in turkey you have to be careful about the payment.

What points should you know about getting a lawyer?

First of all you have to go to lawyers who have the needed licenses.
The second one is you have to go to lawyers who have the knowledge and experience if you don’t it might take longer to finish your case or it could end unsuccessful.
The last point is nowadays proxy is a hard a professional thing to do and it needs experience so you have to be careful about choosing a lawyer but after choosing it, you have to be honest and trust him and pay the money regularly.

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