Immigration and residence in Turkey

In this article we decided to discuss the immigration to Turkey conditions, the types of immigration to Turkey, and the general terms of the Turkish country. After reading this, you can easily decide how to move to Turkey.


Nowadays we hear a lot about immigration, and that shows immigration is growing in our country. Defining immigration generally means relocating for the sake of improving the quality of life for we and our family; in the process of immigration you should be completely aware of all the laws because it is important and it will determine the fate of you and those around you. You need to know what your immigration goals are and which one you decide to choose.

According to the complexity of immigration laws these days, consulting with immigration lawyers can be a wise decision.


About Turkey

Turkey has been recognized as a migrant country for many years, with 77 million Turkish people, It is one of the 8 tourist countries in the world. The majority of the population is Turks, and also Turkey has a Kurdish population. The language of Turkey is Turkish but because of so many immigrations, it has Arabic, Kurdish, Armenian and Greek languages too. Most of the Turkish population is Moslem but it is generally a secular country. Turkey, that has the half size of Iran, connects the two continents of Asia and Europe and its capital city Ankara is in the northwest of the country. The currency of the country is Lire, which you can see here from the Rial equivalent of the currency. In recent years Turkey has had a dynamic and growing economy that most of it can be seen in agriculture and the tourism industry.

Immigration to Turkey

Many immigrants leave their country for Turkey every year, because this country offers good benefits to those who travel to Turkey.

Turkey visa

Whether you need a visa or not depends on your birth country and the time you stay in Turkey, but if you want to travel from Iran to Turkey you do not need a visa in case you stay there for 90 days, you have to know that you can stay in Turkey 90 days per 180 days without a visa.


If your days staying in Turkey increase more than 90 days you will be fined when you leave Turkey and you will not be allowed to enter the country for one to five years if you do not pay the fine. So it’s better to apply for your stay in the country before the end of this 90 days; also keep in mind that you are not allowed to do any business or education during these 90 days unless you have applied for a residence permit. (for example buying a property)

Types of immigration to Turkey

Immigration to Turkey with tourist visa

As stated above, if you are leaving Iran you can apply as a tourist without a visa for three months, but if you want to stay more days in Turkey you can apply for a 6 months visa (which takes about 15 days) but you cannot study or work with this visa, it doesn’t mean that you cannot have any business but the business needs insurance. Unless you apply for a visa changing, for those want to buy a property, this visa is necessary. Also you can change this visa to a touristic visa.

Immigration to Turkey by buying a property

You can easily get a Turkish residence by buying a property, according to Law No. 6458, published in the Official Gazette of Turkey on 11/4/2013, you can get one year residence in Turkey by buying a property in Turkey. And you should know with this residency you can open a bank account and send your children to school until the title deeds in your name and if you still own the property after 5 to 8 years you can get permanent residence.


In this way you do not have to register a company and pay for the establishment but you can get a permanent residence, so if you want to immigrate to this country for life you should consider this method.


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Immigration to Turkey with a Study Visa

Since Turkey has good and reputable universities, it is a good option to pursue higher education and you can apply for this visa with one of the GRE, TOMER, ALES, TOEFL, IELTS degrees (it depends on the university), You will be granted a one-year residency upon admission to the University, which you may renew it for each year until your education finished.

Immigration to Turkey with work visa

For getting this visa you must apply for a visa two months before your trip from the Turkish Embassy. Then, your employer (which must be a registered company) will register your application for employment with the Department of Labor according to your expertise. If it would be fine  you can get an one-year work visa for Turkey.


You should keep in mind that Turkey, like any other countries, prioritizes employment for its natives, so your employer must prove that there isn’t anyone else in the country with the expertise. It’s difficult, but there were many people who could get this visa.


You can get permanent residence with five years of official work in this country.

Immigration to Turkey with Investment Visa

If you are looking for permanent residence, registering a company is a cost-effective way to choose so it’s better to choose another way. But if you know that Turkey is one of the best Asia and the Middle East for investment, You should know that this country has special conditions for foreign investors. We will be with you  so contact us for a free consultation on Turkish Investment Visa.

Immigration to Turkey by marriage visa

You can get residence in Turkey by marrying a Turkish citizen, but you need to consider three things:

  1. Your marriage should be formal.
  2. The person you marry should not be a refugee in Turkey.
  3. The process of obtaining your permanent residence takes three to five years. At this time, the Turkish police will check that your marriage is not fake.


Beware of crooks! Some of them are going to get your money without any services by offering exceptional but completely unrealistic conditions, but the problem is not just here but by mistake in this regard you may be permanently expelled from Turkey So get the complete information before doing any action.

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