When it comes to studying at university, the first issue is your favorite field, but the second thing is the credibility of your degree and quality of your education, QS institute is one of the most reputable one in the ranking of universities in the world. In this article, we are going to describe the top universities in Turkey based on the ranking of this service for you. This ranking is important for those interested in studying in Turkey, and it is an important criterion for choosing a university.

  1. The first university in Turkey is Koç University. The university is ranked 448th in the world. The language of instruction at this university is English, and a limited number of courses are offered in Turkish. The university presents courses like law, economics, management and nursing. The university has scholarship requirements, and 14% of students benefit from scholarships. The university’s faculties include basic sciences, literature, economics and engineering.
  2. The second university in Turkey is Bilkent University. It is a private university founded in 1984 in Ankara. Blakent University is ranked 456th in the world by Qs. Education at this university is in English. Blakent University has nine faculties; Art, Management, Economics, Music, Engineering, Literature and the Humanities, the Basic Sciences and Law are just some of these faculties. There are also courses in accounting, psychology and international relations at the university.
  3. Sabanci University is ranked in third situation in Turkey and ranked 501-510 in the world. Education in this university is in English and it has three faculties and one school, which includes the faculties of art, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, the faculty of management and the language school.
  4. Middle East Technical University is ranked fourth in Turkey and 551-560 in the world. All courses are offered in English. The university offers 45 undergraduate programs. The Middle East University has five faculties of architecture, basic sciences, economics, management sciences, technology and engineering.
  5. Bogaziçi Üniversitesi is ranked fifth in Turkey and 571-580 in the world. The university is one of the oldest centers of higher education in Turkey and it was founded in 1863. There are faculties of literature, basic sciences, economics and engineering in the university, and the arts, engineering and social sciences are the most important disciplines taught at the university.
  6. Istanbul Technical University is ranked sixth in Turkey and ranked 651-700 in the world by QS Institute. It got international university ranks in 108th in the world among technical universities and it is one of Turkey’s public centers.
  7. Ankara University is ranked seventh in the list of top universities in Turkey and also ranks 801-1000 in the world. The university is also very old and was built in 1946. Initially, Ankara University taught only law, but now has 15 faculties and three research institutes. One of the most important points that attracts students to this university is its very large library, which has provided millions of books in all fields online.
  8. Gazi University is the eighth top university in Turkey and is ranked 801-1000 in the world’s universities. The university was originally built by Ataturk for teacher training only, but today the variety of courses offered at the university is huge. Ghazi University has 15 faculties, 9 high schools and 26 high research schools. The university is a combination of the educational centers of the Blue Academy of Engineering and Agriculture, the Academy of Economics and Business, the Technical College, the Girls’ Technical College, and the Ankara Academy of Engineering and Agriculture.
  9. Hacettepe University in Ankara is the ninth university in Turkey and be ranked 801-1000 in the world rankings. Of course, you should know that Hacettepe University of Medical Sciences has a very good reputation and its degree is one of the documents approved by the Ministry of Health of Iran. The university has five educational centers and includes the faculties of Economics, Business, Educational Sciences, Engineering, Art, Literature and Space Sciences. The area of ​​ Hacettepe University educational complex is 6 million square meters.
  10. The tenth university is Istanbul University, which is ranked 801-1000 in the world. The university is also one of the public higher education centers in Turkey. Istanbul University has 17 faculties and 5 campus universities. Each year, the university admits more than 60,000 undergraduate students and more than 80,000 undergraduate students, with a significant share of this admission going to international students.

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