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Costs are always one of the barriers to students’ education, but you can get a scholarship in Turkey by studying in 2020 in Turkey. Turkey has a growing number of prestigious universities in the fields of science and economics that some of the its universities are between top 100 world universities so they admit international students each year. And one of the best benefits for students is scholarship in Turkey.

Before receiving a scholarship in Turkey

You should ask yourself some questions before being awarded an international scholarship. Why should you be awarded a scholarship in Turkey? What is your academic level? Do you have any special skill? Are you fluent in the target country language? In any country all over the world, giving scholarships has its own special conditions and is awarded to students who are eligible for it in terms of university, and scholarships in Turkey are like that too.

Your destination based on a scholarship in Turkey

There are different types of scholarships in Turkey. Totally, only 12 cities in the country accept scholarship students. Of course, how small your chosen city is, you have a the better chance to be accepted. Turkey’s three largest cities, Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir, face much higher competition from students. So to get a scholarship from these universities, you have to have a very high grade point average. Also, the scores of math, chemistry and biology courses play a very important role in getting a scholarship. These cities have only six universities for scholarship recipients.

Advantages of Turkish Scholarship

In general, it can be said that the Turkish scholarship has its own advantages that many people may be unaware of them. Turkey has an amazing nature, which attracts many travelers and tourists who visit the country every year. One of the outstanding geographical features of this country is that Turkey enters the sea from three sides and it is considered as a gateway to Europe. This becomes so important that Turkey is somehow recognized as a bridge between Europe and Asia and has gained great political importance in this regard. In addition to all of these, it should be noted that Turkey has made significant progress in recent years in other respects, including urban and economic characteristics, which is also very important.

Due to all, many people, considering the financial situation and the cultural and geographical proportions of this country with their own spirits, choose Turkey as a destination to start or continue their university education.

Conditions for obtaining a scholarship in Turkey

In order to be able to receive a scholarship in Turkey, you must have a number of conditions that can be related to your GPA, age, or physical condition. Even the level of your mastery of the language that taught is important:

  •  Age: Applicants for the Turkish Scholarship must not be older than 21 years old if they want to study for a bachelor’s degree, and their average three-year bachelor’s degree must not be lower than 75. If the applicant applies for a master’s degree for a scholarship, they shouldn’t be over 30 years old and they must also have completed a bachelor’s degree and receive a degree. And the age required to receive a doctoral degree is 35 years old, and they must have their master’s degree ready for that.
  • Physical and mental health: A person applying for a Turkish scholarship must be free of any physical or mental illness that prevents him or her from studying.
  • GPA: In general, the GPA required to receive a scholarship in Turkey for a bachelor’s degree is 14 and 15 for a master’s or doctoral degree. The average for medical disciplines is 18.
  • Language: The main language for receiving a scholarship in Turkey is Istanbul Turkish. However, English is also taught at some international universities in Turkey. Due to this, in order to apply for a scholarship in Turkey, you must have a TOEFL or IELTS degree.

Advantages of receiving a scholarship in Turkey

You should know that if you are trying to get a scholarship in Turkey, the result of this will have significant benefits for you, which can guarantee your academic and even career success:

  • Monthly scholarship: This fee depends on the degree: a bachelor’s degree about 700 lira per month, a master’s degree 950 lira per month, a doctorate about 1400 Turkish lira, and a research degree about 3000 lira per month.
  • Dormitory: All students who have been able to receive a scholarship in Turkey will be have free dormitory.
  • University tuition: Tuition fees for students who have received a scholarship to Turkey are free of charge and are paid by the Turkish government.
  • Health Insurance: Free medical insurance is offered to all students admitted to the Turkish Scholarship.
  • Istanbul Turkish Language Teaching: Students who have received a scholarship in Turkey but do not have a Turkish language certificate can attend a one-year Turkish language course for free.
  • Travel allowance: Students who have been able to receive a scholarship from Turkey can also benefit from a travel allowance for entry and exit from Turkey after graduation.

Documents required to receive a scholarship in Turkey

Documents required to receive a scholarship in Turkey can be found on the websites of the destination universities, but in general, in order to receive a scholarship in Turkey, you need to provide graduation documents, an admission form, and finally your language certificate. You should know that the translation of these documents is also a case in point, which is in the category of requirements of some universities. The way these documents are presented to universities are different and you should ask the university for information. If your documents are approved and accepted, you will be invited for an in person interview. Your documents must be justified in order to obtain a scholarship in Turkey. So with a high GPA, you can simplify these steps for yourself. It is unclear when the admission results will be determined by the universities and you will have no choice except waiting.

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