One of the main questions for students applying to study in Turkey is about the entrance exam to Turkish universities. It should be noted that in Turkey there is no comprehensive national exam for all universities such as the entrance exam in Iran, but there are exams such as the YOS exam, SAT test, TUS test, ALES test, GRE test and GMAT test that we are going to explain one by one in this article for you.

YOS entrance exam to Turkish universities

The selection and replacement of students in Turkish higher education institutions is followed by OSYM in this country, and foreign (non-Turkish) applicants must give the YÖS exam held by this organization every year and after achieving admission rank they will be able to enroll and continue their education in Turkish higher education institutions. There is no age requirement for giving this test, and all students, including high school, vocational, and etc., who have been in high school for the last year or have an 11-year high school diploma, will be allowed to give the test.

YÖS exam stands for Yabancı Uyruklu Öğrenci Sınavı entrance exam for Turkish public universities for foreign candidates. Candidates who intend to study for a bachelor’s or doctoral degree in medicine and dentistry at Turkish public universities can apply for admission to the university by obtaining a passing score on the YOS exam. Most reputable Turkish public universities design and hold their own YOS exams. Turkish universities hold this exam once a year.

The YOS test consists of three parts. The main provisions of this test are dedicated to intelligence, mathematics and geometry. The YOS test questions are in the form of tests, and each question has 5 options. And universities generally give a negative score for a wrong answer, but some universities don’t. The negative score ratio in the YOS test is 4 to 1. That means 4 incorrect answers will destroy one correct answer

So we can say this exam is the most important entrance exam to Turkish universities.

SAT entrance exam to Turkish universities

The name of this test stands for Scholastic Assessment Test, which is a standardized test for entering college and some undergraduate universities. Applicants mainly participate in this test in the eleventh and twelfth year of their education. It should be noted that the SAT Subject exam is another type of exam that is held in 5 fields of mathematics, American and world history, science and biology, foreign languages ​​and English literature. What is required to enter a university is a SAT General. The test is administered by the College Board and it is administered at least 6 times a year, which is announced on This test had changes in 2016 and the new scoring system is 1600, which according to the official announcement of the College Board site the average score of the new generation is 1000.

TUS entrance exam to Turkish universities

It is a test for the specialization of physicians that dental, veterinary, chemistry, and similar specialties must be accepted for this specialty. (Except for specialization in biology) Those who pass the test are called assistants. According to the rules for doctors, when they pass the TUS exam and graduate from this course, they are called specialist doctors.

TUS test conditions

The test takes place in the spring and fall between April and September in Ankara.

Approximately 10000 to 13000 people take part in each test, and nearly half of the participants are allowed to choose a field, and almost half of those who are allowed to choose a field are placed in a specialized space.

There are 11 main lessons in this test and the total number of questions is 200 and the duration of the test is 210 minutes.

List of TUS exam lessons

1- Anatomy (10 questions)

2- Physiology, histology, embryology (10 questions)

3- Biochemistry (20 questions)

4- Microbiology (20 questions)

5- Pathology (20 questions)

6- Pharmacology (20 questions)

7- Internal diseases (20 questions)

8- Children (30 questions)

9- General relocation (20 questions)

10- Obstetrics and Gynecology (14 questions)

11- Small internships (15 questions)

The first six courses are grouped as medical basis and the last 5 courses are clinical medicine.

The TUS exam is one of the most difficult exams held in Turkey, and one of the reasons of the difficulty of this exam is the demand for all the educational items of the past until today.

ALES entrance exam to Turkish universities

The word ALES stands for Akademik lısansüstü Eğitime Sınavı in order to enter the entrance exams for postgraduate education for the master’s and doctoral courses, and of course, its points are required to enter the specialized course of accepting coaches in universities.

These exams are held twice a year through the Turkish Higher Education Organization (YÖK) and the Turkish Student Movement (YSYM) in May and December. The registration deadline for the spring exams is in March and for the fall exams is in October. The exams will be in two levels, SAYISAL and SÖZEL, in the form of 40 questions of mathematics, intelligence and Istanbul Turkish. The response rate to math questions is important for entering engineering majors.

GRE entrance exam to Turkish universities

The GRE‌ exam stands for Graduate Record Examination, which has two types, General and Subject, which the Subject type is only available for certain fields. The GRE General is a test of applicants’ academic ability to study in higher education and covers three topics: math computational skills, comprehension, and essay writing. This test seems difficult for many participants. Because in the comprehension section of analytical and general essay writing, there are topics that many test givers have not been familiar with before. Although the math section has 40 questions and they are all like math questions at the high school level, this section is a bit difficult for even master’s degree students because of the English language question and the need to solve the problems in a short time.

In the comprehension section, synonyms and antonyms for words are sometimes that hard that even students who have a master’s degree in English linguistics are unable to understand some of the sentences and words. However, applicants who spend at least six months to study on the test will be able to take a reasonable score, and none of the universities expects receiving a score above 80%. But getting at least 50% score on each skill is essential.

GMAT entrance exam to Turkish universities

The GMAT test, which stands for Graduate Management Admission Test, is now considered as one of the most reliable tools for measuring the individual and mental skills of applicants for courses such as MBA and MPA (Master of Public Administration). Today, many educational institutions and prestigious universities hold such courses, consider the GMAT test score as a criterion for evaluating applicant students.

This test is generally done computer-wise, and in this test, the answer to each question by the student is effective on determining the next question. In this test, the students cannot leave the question unanswered or go to the next or previous question, and cannot change their answer. The students’ score is calculated momentarily and announced to them as soon as it is completed.

The passing score in the GMAT test is not a fixed score, but due to the combination of the test, each institution raises a level of the score as its acceptance criterion.

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