Education conditions and scholarships in Turkey in 2022

Due to the terms and admission circumstances of universities in Turkey, Turkey’s geographical position and its proximity to our beloved country: Iran, and also the proximity of cost of living in this country to ours, the population of the applicants who want to study in Turkey has remarkably increased in the past few years. This increase has been viewed both in the number of the students who go to Turkish schools to further their studies and university students who are seeking a bachelor’s degree or further education levels such as a master’s degree and a doctoral degree (doctorate) in Turkey.
In Turkey it takes 4 years to graduate and receive a bachelor’s degree in most majors, but in some cases like medical degrees it takes 6 years.
Moreover, the students can also apply for scholarship.
Every year, many international students travel to Turkey in order to study and many of them choose medical and dental fields of study while the circumstances are better than their own countries.

تحصیل در ترکیه و شهر استانبول

Education in Turkey’s schools

It takes 4 years to graduate high school in Turkey but, in some schools where a foreign language is taught in addition to the common lessons, it might take up to 5 years to do so.

There are 2 types of schools in Turkey

  • Anatolia schools
  • Public schools

Education system in public schools in Turkey is quite the same as other standard schools that we know. On the other hand Anatolia schools put more time and energy into teaching foreign languages. After graduation, students can participate in university exams in order to enter one.

Education expenses in Turkey’s schools

To those who want to study at public schools, education expenses is between 150 to 250 dollars. However, these types of schools don’t include boarding facilities. On the other hand, it costs around 15000 to 30000 dollars to educate in international schools which include these types of facilities as well. There is also a 100-200 dollar charge to request one’s degree from these schools.

فارغ التحصیلی در ترکیه

Education in Turkey’s universities

Lessons are given on a semester-unit basis in Turkey’s universities and in three different semesters: Autumn, spring and summer.
One of the requirements to enroll in undergraduate program in universities of Turkey, is to have a diploma. Not to mention, there are no age restrictions and candidates of all ages can apply. Many different languages including English, German, French and Turkish are taught in universities of Turkey but it depends on the chosen field of study and the university itself. However, most universities in Turkey run in Turkish language and hold free of cost Turkish courses for non-Turkish-speaking students too.
Most universities in Turkey don’t have a dormitory but all receive medical insurance which means all their medical treatments will be free of charge. There is also a 50 percent discount for all students for public transport.
To enroll in a university, one has to take its entrance exam. However, some universities don’t hold a particular test and accept other universities’ test results. Some on the other hand find the students’ diploma grade enough.

Education in Turkey and the explicit terms to receive educational residence

To study in Turkey and receive admission you first have to clarify if you want to study in a public university or a private university. Therefore, if you choose to study in Turkey’s universities you have to take the entrance test.

  • In case that the university you pick to educate in presents the lessons in Turkish, you have to take the “YOS” test and if the lessons are given in English you have to take the “SAT” test.

On the other hand, if you decide to study in private universities in turkey, there is usually no need to take an entrance test but every university has its own unique admission circumstances. For example universities which present medical and dental majors require at least 15 as diploma grade. (In case according to educational system in your country you have both a diploma and a pre-university degree, they must both meet the requirements.)

آزمون ورودی به دانشگاه های ترکیه

Education in Turkey and universities’ entrance exams

YOS test

Related issues to qualifying student for Turkish institutions of higher education is performed by ÖSYM association in this country. Therefore, international students must take the YOS test which will be held every year by this institution. After the students receive the requisite ranks, they get accepted to enroll in Turkish institutions of higher education. There are no age restrictions regarding this test and all students including high school students, art school students, technical school students and etc. who are currently studying in the last year of school or have received an eleven year diploma are eligible to take this test.

YOS test prerequisites

YOS test stands for ‘Yabancı Uyruklu Öğrenci Sınavı’ which is Turkey’s public universities’ test for international students. Applicants who are aiming to study medical and dental majors, whether for master’s or bachelor’s degree, in Turkey’s public universities can apply for admission having received the required grade in YOS test. Most credible public universities in Turkey design and hold their own unique YOS test. Turkish universities hold this test only once in a year.

YOS test is consisted of three parts. The core part of the test allocates to intelligence, mathematics and geometry. Generally, the questions in the YOS test are designed in English or other languages besides Turkish based on the applicants’ choice. YOS test questions are multiple choice questions with 5 alternatives for each. Most universities consider a penalty for false answers but, some don’t. Regarding this penalty, every four false answers cancel a correct answer’s effect. Thus we can say that this test is the most important entrance exam for Turkish universities.

SAT test

SAT stands for scholastic assessment test which is a standard test taken in colleges and many universities for undergraduate level. Mostly the students in 11th and 12th grade take this test. Keep in mind that SAT subject is also another type of this exam which is held in 5 different subjects: mathematics, America and the world’s history, biology, foreign languages and English literature. Universities require SAT or SAT General to enroll in the university. This test is held by College Board and at least 6 times in a year. The dates will be pre-announced at This test’s grading system has changed in 2016 and the new grading system is out of 1600 and according to College Board official website the average grade in the new system is 1000.

بورس تحصیلی در ترکیه 2020

Education in Turkey and receiving student residence

There are two common ways of receiving student visa in Turkey but the second one is easier than the first.

The first way to study in Turkey and receive student visa

Using this method you enter Turkey with the default tourist visa that you have with your passport. In this time you’ll take university entrance tests if needed and enroll in the university of your choice. After registration, you’ll receive a student paper which you’ll then have to take to the residence office and then you’ll be issued a student visa to stay and study in Turkey. The duration of this visa depends on the amount of university tuition you have paid.

The second way to study in Turkey and receive student visa (the easy way)

Using this method which is a lot easier, you’ll entrust the work with agents who work on this matter in Turkey and the student paper will be sent to your address shortly. Having this paper you can go to Turkey’s embassy in your own country and receive the student visa.

Required documents to study in Turkey in undergraduate level

  • Educational resume
  • Letter of motivation
  • Turkish or English language skills certificate such as IELTS or TOEFL (dependent on the university)
  • Diploma and high school documents and transcripts in addition to translations and confirmation of ministry of education
  • Documents regarding student’s financial affordability
  • Application fee between 40 to 100 dollars
  • University entrance exam results (depends on the university)
  • Applicant’s photo
  • Recommendation letter

Studying in Turkey in post graduate and doctorate levels has quite the same requirements and in half of your study duration you have to pass 20 to 30 course units and you’ll be spending the other half on researching on your thesis.

Required documents to study in Turkey of higher education

  • Educational resume
  • Recommendation letter
  • English language skills certificate ( the exact requirement depends on the university)
  • Participating in TÖMER exam and receiving Turkish language diploma
  • Bachelor’s degree or master’s degree documents and transcripts in addition to translation
  • Application fee between 50 to 150 dollars
  • ALES or GRE test results for some universities
  • Letter of motivation

The average life expenses for a student in Turkey is about 400 to 500 dollars in addition to about 100 dollars for stationaries and books. However, this number is only the average and can be more or less depending on your lifestyle.

Scholarship terms

The minimum grades average is 14 for undergraduate scholarship, 15 for post-graduate level scholarship and 18 for doctorate scholarship. The candidate must also be in complete health and have no significant diseases.
In order to be informed about the terms and timing of admission you can contact us and benefit our free of cost consulting services.

تحصیل در ترکیه

Enrollment and receiving a student visa steps

  • Entering the website of the university you’ve picked
  • Being sure about the major and field of study
  • Learning the required documents for enrollment and applying using the university’s website
  • Internet registration and completion of the documents
  • Take part in the university’s interview or entrance exam if required by the university
  • Waiting for the results

It’s also possible to do all the steps above in person.

دانشگاه های برتر ترکیه

Global recognition of Turkey’s universities

Regarding the valid degrees issued by Turkey’s universities, there is no need to equivalent the issued degrees and are valid in all credible universities around the world for higher education. Therefore, in case you are looking for a bright academic future and are currently about to graduate high school and want to enter the fields of study in which you have less chance of entering in your own country, Turkey’s private and public universities are a good pick for you.

free education in turkey

The best opportunity to study in Turkey

In case you have taken the universities’ entrance tests in your country over and over and haven’t succeeded to study in fields like medical and dental science, there’s a great opportunity for you to study in Turkey’s public or private universities. Global Trust is pleasured to help you along the way.

Free academic advice

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