Education in Turkey

According to Turkish universities and their conditions, also being near to Iran, and the cost of living in Turkey; applicants for educating in turkey has been increased. Both the high school and college students go to turkey for continuing education in bachelor, MA, and PhD.

Bachelor studying in turkey for most majors takes 4 years and for some of them like medical major takes 6 years.

Also student can launch for scholarships and academic fund.

تحصیل در ترکیه و شهر استانبول

Education in Turkish high schools :

It takes 4 years to educate in Turkish high schools but it might take 5 years at schools that teach foreign language in addition to regular education.

There are two kinds of high schools in Turkey :

  • Anatoly high school
  • Public high school

Public high school in Turkey teach normal just like other schools but anatoly high schools focus on foreign languages. Students can go to colleges by giving comprehensive exams at the end.

Also Schools of Ankara and Iranian school of Istanbul ( Fajr Iranian educational complex in Istanbul) are for Iranians that work under the auspices of our country’s education and it’s for the people who have been staying in Turkey for a while and intend to return to Iran so they teach in Farsi.

The rest of high schools in Turkey, except few international schools, teach Turkish.

Tuition fee in Turkish high schools :

For those who study in public schools, the tuition cost is about 4-6 million Toman but these schools do not have boarding facilities, but the international schools that have the facilities cost about 15000 to 3000 dollars. And it cost about 100 to 200 dollars for applying your degree.

فارغ التحصیلی در ترکیه

Bachelor education in Turkey :

Courses at Turkish universities are presented in one semester and are offered in three fall, spring and summer semesters like Iranian universities.


One of the conditions for bachelor admission to Turkish universities is a diploma. But age requirements are not necessary and volunteers of all ages can apply. There are different languages taught in Turkish universities, including English, German, French, and Turkish, but it depends on the picked university and the chosen field. But most Turkish universities work in Turkish language and they have free classes for student don’t know Turkish.

Most universities in Turkey do not have dormitories, but all Turkish students have health insurance and all their medical expenses are free. Public transportation is also available for students at 50% off.

You must also give the entrance exam for each university, but some universities also pass the entrance exams of some other ones because they don’t have their own separate exams. Some of universities just need a high school diploma or entrance exam.

Degree required for studying bachelor in Turkey:

  • Education resume

  • Motivation

  • In some universities, university entrance exams

  • Turkish or English (TOEFL or IELTS) degree but it depends on the university

  • High school diplomas and transcripts with translation and confirmation of education department of Iran

  • Student financial evidence

  • Application costs about 40 to 100 dollars

  • University Test Result (It depends on the university)

  • Photo of the volunteer

  • Recommendation

Studying in Turkey for master and PhD is same as bachelor, and you should spend 20 to 30 units in half of your study time and spend the other half on your thesis.

Degree required for Postgraduate Education :

  • Academic Resume

  • Recommendations

  • English language degree (conditions of it depends on the university)

  • give the TÖMER exam and take a Turkish language diploma

  • bachelor or master diplomas with translation

  • Application costs is about 50 to 150 dollars

  • ALES or GRE exam result sheet for some universities

  • Motivation

Costs in Turkey are about 400 to 500 dollars for a student plus 100 dollars for books and other stuff. However, this figure may be more or less depending on your lifestyle and this is just an average.

Scholarship conditions :

The minimum required grade point average for bachelor is 14 and for master is 15 and 18 for PhD. The person should also be in good health and have no specific illness.
You can contact us to know more about our requirement conditions and use our free consultation.

تحصیل در ترکیه

Steps for applying for a study visa :

  • Login to the desired university site

  • Make sure they have the intended major

  • Read the needed documents for registering and applying in the university site

  • Online registration and documents completion

  • Participate in university interview or exam if it’s needed

  • Wait for the result

All of these steps can also be done in person.


If you would like to find out more about Turkish universities and to know that which university or field is suitable for you or you have a question we are here to answer you, you can find out office phone number in the contacting part of our site. Also the Global Trust Law company will show you the best accommodation in Turkey, studying in Turkey, getting married in Turkey, and the best education opportunities in Turkey.