Education conditions and scholarships in Turkey in 2020

Due to the conditions of Turkish universities and the way of their admission, the proximity of this country to ours and also the proximity of the cost of living in this country to our country, applicants to study in Turkey have been grown in recent years. Both students for Turkish high schools to continue their education and students who are studying for a bachelor’s or postgraduate degree at a master’s or doctoral level in Turkey.
Studying for bachelor for most majors takes 4 years and 6 years for some majors like medicine.
Students can apply for scholarships too.

Every year, Turkey receives a large number of international students who travel to Turkey to study in it, and most of the people who come to this country from Iran are in the fields of medicine and dentistry because the conditions in this country are so much better than Iran.

تحصیل در ترکیه و شهر استانبول

High school education in Turkey

High school education in Turkey takes 4 years, but there are some schools that teach foreign languages in addition to normal education, which takes 5 years.

There are two kinds of high schools in Turkey

  • Anatoly high school
  • Public high school

Public high schools teach normal, but Anatolian high schools spend more time on teaching foreign languages. Finally, students can enter the universities with comprehensive university exams.
Of course, the Ankara School and also the Iranian School of Istanbul (Fajr Iranian Educational Complex in Istanbul), are for Iranians too those work under the auspices of our country’s education and they’re for the people who have been living in Turkey for a time and want to come back to Iran. Also they teach in Farsi. The other schools in Turkey except some international ones teach in Turkish.


Costs for Education in Turkey

For those who study in public schools, the cost of education is between 4-6 million tomans, but these schools don’t have round-the-clock facilities, but international schools those have these facilities cost between 15000 and 30000 dollars and the cost of application for the documents of these high schools is between 100 to 200 dollars.

فارغ التحصیلی در ترکیه

Education at Turkish universities

Courses at Turkish universities like Iranian universities are presented as a semester-unit and are offered in three semesters: fall, spring, and summer.
One of the conditions for entering in undergraduate courses at Turkish universities is to have a diploma. But there are no age requirements, and candidates of any age can apply for them. Different languages ​​are taught at Turkish universities such as English, German, French and Turkish, but it depends on the university and the field. But most Turkish universities work in Turkish and have free classes for students who do not speak Turkish.
Most Turkish universities do not have dormitories, but all Turkish students get health insurance so all their medical expenses are free. Public transportation is also 50% discount for students.
To enter any university, you must also give the entrance exam of that university, but some universities are content with the entrance exam of other universities and do not have a separate exam. Some of these universities are content with a high school diploma or entrance exam results in Iran.

Study in Turkey and the exact conditions for taking education residence in Turkey

To study in Turkey and get admission from Turkish universities, the first thing you need to do is to decide for studying at a public university or a private university, so if you want to study at a Turkish university, you must know that you have to give exam:

  • If the university presents a course that you want to study in Turkish, you must give the YOS exam.
  • Similarly, if the language of instruction is English, you must give the SAT test

But if you want to study at a private university in Turkey, in many cases you do not need to take an entrance exam, but every university has its own entrance requirements, for example, private universities that offer courses such as medicine and dentistry have set a GPA condition of at least 15. (If you have both a diploma and a pre-university degree, this is the GPA requirement for both of these courses, and if you only have a diploma, the GPA requirement is considered for your diploma.)

آزمون ورودی به دانشگاه های ترکیه

Education in Turkey and Entrance Exams to Universities

YOS test

The selection and replacement of students in Turkish higher education institutions is followed by OSYM company in this country, and foreign (non-Turkish) applicants must give the YÖS exam, which is held annually by this organization, and then achieving admission rank will be able to enroll and continue their studies in Turkish higher education institutions. There is no age requirement for giving this test, and all students, including high school, vocational, and etc. who have been in high school for the last year or have an 11-year high school diploma, will be allowed to give the test.

YOS Test Conditions

YÖS exam stands for Yabancı Uyruklu Öğrenci Sınavı is the entrance exam for Turkish public universities for foreign candidates. Candidates who want to study for a bachelor’s or doctoral degree in medicine and dentistry at Turkish public universities can apply for admission to the university by obtaining a passing score on the Yus exam. Most Turkish public universities design and hold their own Yus exams. Turkish universities hold this exam once a year.

The Yus test consists of three parts. The main provisions of this test are dedicated to intelligence, mathematics and geometry. Generally, the questions of the Yus test are selected in English or other languages in addition to Istanbul Turkish. The Yus test questions are in the form of tests and each question has 5 options. And universities generally give a negative score for a wrong answer, but some universities don’t. The negative score ratio in the Yus test is 4 to 1. That means 4 incorrect answers will destroy one correct answer.

So we can say this exam is the most important entrance exam to Turkish universities.

SAT Test

The name of this test stands for Scholastic Assessment Test, which is a standardized test for entering college and some undergraduate universities. Applicants mainly participate in this test in the eleventh or twelfth year of studying. It should be noted that the SAT Subject exam is another type of exam that is held in 5 fields of mathematics, American and world history, science and biology, foreign languages ​​and English literature. What is required to enter a university is a SAT General. The test is administered by the College Board and it is administered at least 6 times a year, which is announced at This test had changes in 2016 and the new scoring system is 1600, which according to the official announcement of the College Board website the average score of the new generation is 1000.

بورس تحصیلی در ترکیه 2020

Education in Turkey and the Steps to Obtain a Study Residence Permit

There are two common ways to obtain a study residence permit and the second way is much easier than the first one.

The first way is to study in Turkey and get a study residency

In this way, you will enter Turkey with a 90-day tourist residency with an Iranian passport. During this period, if it’s necessary, you will give the entrance exam and register at the desired university, then with finishing the register for university, you will take a student card that you must take to the Residence Office to get a study permit in Turkey. The length of this register depends on much money you paid for university.

The second way to study in Turkey and get a study residency (easy way)

In this way which is much easier you hand over the registration work to one of the brokers working in this field in Turkey, and in a short time, a student card will be sent to your address, and then with this card you go to the Turkish embassy in your country and receive a study residence permit.

Bachelor’s degree documents required to study in Turkey

  • Education resume

  • Motivation

  • In some universities, university entrance exams

  • Turkish or English (TOEFL or IELTS) degree but it depends on the university

  • High school diplomas and transcripts with translation and confirmation of education department of Iran

  • Student financial evidence

  • Application costs about 40 to 100 dollars

  • University Test Result (It depends on the university)

  • Photo of the volunteer

  • Recommendation

Studying in Turkey for master and PhD is same as bachelor, and you should spend 20 to 30 units in half of your study time and spend the other half on your thesis.

Degree required for Postgraduate Education

  • Academic Resume

  • Recommendations

  • English language degree (conditions of it depends on the university)

  • give the TÖMER exam and take a Turkish language diploma

  • bachelor or master diplomas with translation

  • Application costs is about 50 to 150 dollars

  • ALES or GRE exam result sheet for some universities

  • Motivation

Costs in Turkey are about 400 to 500 dollars for a student plus 100 dollars for books and other stuff. However, this figure may be more or less depending on your lifestyle and this is just an average.

Scholarship conditions

The minimum required grade point average for bachelor is 14 and for master is 15 and 18 for PhD. The person should also be in good health and have no specific illness.
You can contact us to know more about our requirement conditions and use our free consultation.

تحصیل در ترکیه

Steps for applying for a study visa

  • Login to the desired university site

  • Make sure they have the intended major

  • Read the needed documents for registering and applying in the university site

  • Online registration and documents completion

  • Participate in university interview or exam if it’s needed

  • Wait for the result

All of these steps can also be done in person.

دانشگاه های برتر ترکیه

Global validity of Turkish university degrees

Due to the valid education documents at Turkish universities, there is no need to equate a degree and it can be offered at all prestigious universities in the world and to enter higher education. So if you are looking for a bright future and you are currently studying in a pre-university course, and want to enter courses that has low chance to be accepted in those courses in the Iranian national entrance exam, you can choose Turkish public or private universities.

free education in turkey

The best opportunity to study in Turkey

If you have participated in the national entrance exam many times but have not been succeeded in studying in fields such as medicine and dentistry, there is the best opportunity for you to study in public or private universities in Turkey. The Trust Global Institute is proud to guide you all the way.

Free educational counseling

You can use our free and specialized counseling to study in Turkey. To do this, all you have to do is enter the page through the link below and fill out the educational counseling form, and then our experts will contact you.