The Trust Global Legal and Business Company is proud to announce that it has been able to represent Delta Group Companies.

A company that has a brilliant 20-year history in residential projects, shopping malls and hotels.

The cornerstone of this company’s work is customer trust, for this purpose all its services follow its customer satisfaction and comfort.

The company has been able to sell 67200 units over the years and increase its annual production to 2000 units.

Among the honors of this company is that in three years, 2005, 2007 and 2009, it won the title of the best institution in Turkey by TBMM, Turkish Consumer Magazine and IYBB.

It is interesting to know that Delta Holding does its best to make its projects compatible with environmental issues and create a calm, safe and beautiful environment for you.

لوگوی شرکت دلتا هلدینگ (Delta Holding)