How is a company registered in Turkey?

We are going to explain to you dear ones in a few minutes: How is a company registered in Turkey? Is it possible to register a company in Turkey without a residence permit? Why do we register a company in Turkey? What are the benefits of investing in Turkey? What are the required documents to register a company in Turkey? How much does it cost to register in Turkey? What are the 2019 company registration rules?

Investing has always been a risky business, so if you are considering registering in another country it is definitely worthwhile to consider carefully all the issues and costs and then make a decision; you can Read this article to get a summary and make your best decision.

The Turkish economy

Before investing in an area or region, you need to consider the economic situation well. Turkey’s economy is a mixture of indigenous and industrial industries that are expanding day by day in these areas. It is interesting to note that the US information organization has ranked Turkey among the developed countries and in the latest rankings, Turkey is among the 20 countries. It is recognized as an industry leader. Agriculture, various industries, communications, construction, tourism and financial and banking services are among the most important areas of economic activity that Turkey has achieved good results in these years. Of course, the current developments in the Turkish economy should not be ignored, which has caused the value of the Turkish Lira to fall against the US dollar, but this can be comforted because the government has a precise and practical plan to address this problem. Let ‘s make it easier to make investment laws in this country.

Why do we register a company in Turkey?

This question for us Iranians could have a different answer than the rest of us. Turkey is a country that has grown tremendously in economic terms over the years and can invest in it with confidence in its political and economic stability. The company registration laws are similar to the ones in the Islamic Republic of Iran, but with a few minor differences, you also do not need to have a residence permit to register in Turkey. You will be granted permanent residence after five years of renewal.

Registration process in Turkey

  1. Specifying the location of the company
  2. Adjusting the statute of the company
  3. Receiving company registration forms in Turkey
  4. Getting a tax number from the Turkish Treasury
  5. Obtaining approval of company statute from official Turkish office
  6. Registering in the Turkish Chamber of Commerce
  7. Official Gazette
  8. Obtaining a letter of attorney confirmation and signature from the official Turkish office
  9. Establishment of the form of the Turkish Treasury
  10. Visiting the Turkish Finance Office and submitting a pre-registration form to check and approve this form and company office address
  11. Property Office inspectors visit your address to confirm the address
  12. Obtaining company tax number after confirmation and final review
  13. Getting a business card
  14. Certification of accounting offices
  15. Opening a bank account for the company
  16. Introducing an Official Financial Advisor
All the above steps are done in just 5 days to register a company in Turkey.

Documents required to register a company in Turkey

  • The original passport of each partner (valid for more than 6 months)
  • Two 4 x 3 photos (light background color)
  • A few names to choose for company
  • Field of activity in Turkey (Statute)
  • Determining the percentage of shares of each shareholder
  • Appointing a company manager (or both partners)

Types of company registration in Turkey

Like the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Turkey has several types of companies that we will explain below:

Limited liability company: :

This type of company must be registered with at least one person and with a maximum of 55; the cost of registering a company is US $ 2100 (including two currency accounts, one for the company and one for the manager) and according to the rules each shareholder of the company has profits and losses depending on the amount of the share of the real or legal person and in case of bankruptcy of the company, the creditor can only claim the size of the company shares and not more than that. Executives of this type of company can be Turkish citizens, foreign nationals and even according to the company statute, other than shareholders of the company.

Corporation :

We have two types of joint stock companies in Turkey, companies with less than 250 investors, which is called a joint stock company, and the cost of establishing and registering is about US $ 2800, also companies with more than 250 investors, and are called Commonwealth companies. The shares in the joint stock companies are equal in the amount that each shareholder can buy as much as he or she can, the profit and loss of each shareholder is calculated according to the amount of the shares and according to Turkish law, a public meeting will be held for representatives of the Ministry of Commerce.

Mixed company: :

In this type of company, only one or more shareholders (except real persons) bear the company’s debt, and the rest of the shareholders are only responsible for their initial investment.

Partner Company: :

The important thing about this type of company is that if there are debt for each company, each of the partners is responsible and obliged to pay them even though the amount of the debt is more than the total investment and the value of the company.

Financial institutions (currency exchange): :

This type of corporation business is a joint stock company, but with the necessary licenses to get it registered, it has the complexity that you need to deal with. Talk to an experienced lawyer in this field.

Company in Turkish Free Zones: :

First of all, this type of company is for those who produce commodities, it is actually an industrial activity where you can buy land in the areas that you are introduced to at a reasonable price and with the right facilities And it is valuable for the Turkish government to build niches in that area. It is interesting to know that Turkey offers you exceptional facilities, including insurance and tax breaks, to hire employees.

Benefits of registering a company in Turkey

  1. Do business without limitation available to Iranian individuals and legal entities
  2. Working and investing in an environment where there is international growth and success
  3. Taxes in Turkey are much lower than in European and American countries
  4. Low start-up costs
  5. Special facilities for foreign companies in Turkey
  6. You pay lower living costs than other European countries
  7. You get one-year residence in Turkey and you get permanent residence after 5 years
  8. After registering you can have a bank account and get a Credit Card and Debit Card
  9. You invest in a country not far from Iran

Important note

In some cases, it has been seen that a person has applied for a Turkish company in order to obtain a Turkish residency, although it must be emphasized that this is one of the most difficult and expensive methods of obtaining a Turkish residency and if you are only seeking a Turkish residency so We suggest reading and getting acquainted with other ways to get a Turkish residency here.

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