Buying a Property conditions in Turkey in 2019

In this article we want to explain to you in a simple way how to buy a property in Turkey and get a permanent residence or citizenship of Turkey by this way.

This article has been updated for 2019 and contains the latest changes to buy property in Turkey in 2019.

In 2019, buying property in Turkey became so much easier than previous years, and because of the proximity of the Turkish currency to our currency, it is one of the most economical countries to buy property in, and you can afford it in Turkey with suitable cost.

The first step for you is choosing your target of buying a property in Turkey

If you want to buy property in Turkey 2019 for getting Turkish citizenship, Turkish passport or permanent residence buying property in Turkey has become much easier this year than previous years. Because Turkey wants to attract capital, and this is probably one of the most unexpected opportunities.

Before the new law, you had to spend a million dollar to obtain a permanent residence in Turkey. Now you can get Turkish citizenship for about a month by buying a property worth 250,000 dollars or more and obtain Turkish citizenship. Even if your property is not worth 250,000 dollars you can stay in Turkey for a year as a tourist and receive permanent residence in Turkey after five years.

The point is that any property over 250,000 dollars can provide permanent residence for three people. You can get residence for three heads of family and after a while for the family of these.

If you are looking for a property in Turkey we can help you with that too so contact us and we will guide you to the best property in Turkey that suits for your needs.

Property Buying Routes in Turkey in 2019:

If you want to know how to buy property in Turkey in 2019 is you can easily follow our article and find it out. The procedure is like that after you visiting the real estate agency you need to find the property you want and then buy it, then you have to go to the Turkish Notary and complete the process of buying the property (because you’re a foreign person you need to have your passport, tax code and opened bank account to confirm your purchase of property in Turkey, which will be done by our advisors and lawyers if you use our advisors). Then go to Turkey and write your application, then you will be interviewed.

If you intend to purchase a property in Turkey in 2019 is to be a citizen of it, you  should not leave Turkey for more than 30 days per year. That is fifteen days in the first six months of the year and fifteen days in the last six months of the year.

What are the costs exactly you have to pay for buying a property in Turkey in 2019? (If you apply through us you do not need to pay for options 2 and 4 we will pay it for you. So when you’re calculating the costs, you should notice that 3we pay for your paper works. We will cover all your expenses for your paper works with the money you paid us before. We will not ask you for any extra money after the contract has been concluded.)

  • Property costs
  • Your residence tax
  • Your residence card
  • The cost of your insurance

Requirements for Buying Property in Turkey:

  • Randow or Turn Sheet (our consultants at Global Trust Center can take the closest turn and give you advice as well)
  • Insurance
  • Deposit tax
  • Copy of your passport
  • 4 photos
  • Letter from the property registration office that gives the landlord permission to sell the property
  • Property insurance, which our consultants can also provide for you.
  • Property Document (You can also leave this to us)

Select City to Buy Property in Turkey:

Turkey’s largest cities by 2019 are currently five major cities, Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, and Antalya.

Living and Buying Property in Istanbul :

Istanbul is three times bigger than Tehran and is the fourth tourist city in the world. Because of its tourism, it has an extraordinary economy. You can also easily find a job near to your place of residence, and it’s a great city for recreation. Of course, the property is equally expensive in this city. Life is not uneven and it has forest, sea, beach, and etc.

It’s a city that is alive at nights as much as days, and you can find a restaurant with great food in any time of the day.

Living and Buying Property in Izmir :

This city has young people with beautiful historical sites, a very beautiful and modern city that is famous in Turkey for its hospitality and culture.

Living and Buying Property in Antalya :

Living in Antalya is also highly recommended for those who are interested in nature, the agricultural capital city of Turkey is Antalya and because of this beautiful nature both tourists and people who love nature find this city suitable. That is why it also has big and beautiful hotels.

Living and Buying Property in Turkey Stock Exchange :

This city is the industrial city of Turkey, so if your job is an industrial job it’s better for you to live in this city. It is also a historic city and has a beautiful historical texture. It is close to a ski resort and it’s just 35 kilometers away of it. For this reason, it is highly recommended for those who intend to buy property in Turkey.

It also has hot and cold springs.

Living and Buying Property in Ankara :

Ankara is the administrative and political city of Turkey, and plays a very important role in business. It has many embassies, good universities, and important government centers, which is why ambassadors and diplomats mostly reside in the city.

Note: Make sure your purchased property doesn’t have a municipal problem, it has been observed that the fraudsters have sold it to the buyer for lack of information, and buyers who are our compatriots find out that the property didn’t have municipal license after buying it. There are many problems for buyers, so it is advisable to take a purchase for buying a property in Turkey in 2019 without any problems.

Our consultants can give you telephone counseling and they also can do all of the above things for you and offer you the best and most appropriate way. And guarantee a safe purchase for you.

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