The Trust Global Legal and Commercial Institute is proud to announce that it has been able to hire a representative of Babajan Holding.

After 2002, Babajan Holding Company, as one of the successful companies in the field of construction, was able to contract and sell 4000 residential and high quality units after construction. This company has been able to operate in all areas of its activity under the name of Babajan Company. The company’s projects have been able to incorporate all the facilities for an ideal life, such as streets, shops and offices in the areas of its implemented complexes. In the field of immovable property, people who visit the company’s website can go directly to the company’s sales office and access the real selling prices registered on the site by measuring their purchasing ability to proceed with the purchase planning and all the detailed information and submit all your ability in the system.

لوگوی شرکت باباجان هلدینگ ترکیه