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Our Goal

Offering the best and most specialized legal and immigration services to our dear compatriots in Iran and Turkey

Our Vision

Providing a transparent and secure platform for all legal, commercial and immigration matters in Turkey

Note: we have to tell you that many of the traders and profiteers who work in Turkey without any registered documentation are just thinking of fraud and did not do any positive action and also have been seen in some cases we see that our compatriots will not be allowed to enter Turkey forever.

About Our Team

Trust Global is suspected by many of its compatriots and clients in our country and abroad, due to the experience and diligence of its undisputed partners, it’s in one of the leading companies in the field of law and commerce in Iran and Turkey. Business and Commerce and the Law & Migration Partner Institute have been able to devise new ways to provide services to you dear customers.
The company will provide you everything you need with regard to professional matters and international specialized lawyers.


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Speech by the CEO

Trust Global company goes forward for its mission with preserving human dignity and relying on the knowledge and efforts of its staff.
We want to do our mission perfectly by enhancing the knowledge, experience and skills of all employees through training and creating a healthy, inclusive, partnering environment in the department. And also with increasing services quality for clients satisfaction and international services development. So me and all the other employees undertake ourselves to achieve the goals by best and most up-to-date facilities and information.
Your satisfaction as our customers and clients shows us how successful we are in achieving our goals.